Luxery Travels was founded by an African American who loved to explore new places. Traveling is always expensive, but there are also ways to get to your dream destination on a budget. We curate the best experiences for you to enjoy the dream of a luxury traveler. Our mission is to make everyone take a dream trip at least once in a lifetime.


We serve people all over the world and not limiting our service to a particular region. Our packages are self-customized to fit your budget and create the best experience for you. We have different types of packages from group trips to couple trips and the are mostly all-inclusive.


Our process is straightforward. Below are the steps we take to help you achieve your dream vacation on your budget. We take 7 to 15 days to plan and deliver your dream trip.

Review Our Services

Our services are comprehensive and flexible to meet most travel needs.

Complete An Inquiry

The Travel Planning Form helps us understand exactly how we can help you. We encourage you to be as detailed as possible when filling it out. 

Follow-Up Consultation

We offer a complimentary consultation after we review your inquiry. 

Review Trip Itinerary

At this stage, we present you with your trip itinerary. This is your chance to provide feedback or make any changes before all details are finalized.

Time To Vacation

After all details have been ironed out and all reservations have been finalized, your trip is officially planned.